Plan of salvation
That "free gift" is called grace, (Gods Riches At Christs Expense) and is actually the end effect of what happened when Jesus agreed
to die for the sins of man, that is, for anyone who would willingly receive it. The Bible also says that God raised Jesus from the dead
after he was crucified, which shows that the price for sin was fully paid, the penalty was over, finished once and forever, and life is

Think about this ........  Jesus was flawless and without sin, so God looked upon Him with absolute favor.   If we have received His gift
of grace, (with our new flawless record from Jesus) doesn't He now see us that way - flawless?   You bet!  Isn't that amazing!

God ABSOLUTELY desires for you to have this gift, but will never force it upon you.  It;s a gift. You can receive it right now.

Simply pray:
God in Heaven, I am a sinner and I need forgiveness. I cannot see you or touch you so I cannot fully grasp with my brain
what you are offering me, nor can I understand the fact that you raised Jesus from the dead. But in my heart, I believe that it is ALL true
and that the gift of grace that was paid in full by your son Jesus is being freely offered to me right now.  I don't know why you would do
this for me, but I gratefully accept this gift and offer my life to you. I will now do my best, with your help as Lord of my life, to turn away
from sin and try to keep my wonderful new record clean. When I fall along the way, I also know that as I confess my sin to you and turn
from it, you are faithful and just to forgive me, and you will keep our valuable relationship in good standing for all of eternity. Thank you
for saving me. In Jesus name, AMEN.    
If you have prayed that prayer from your heart, you are saved. CONGRATULATIONS!

Find a good Church right away. Fellowship will build your faith and enhance your new life.  Get baptized. It is a living testimony that  
identifies us with Christ.   Get a Bible and read it, starting in the New Testament.  Get to know Jesus.   He's a real life hero!   

Please share with us what you have decided.  Click the contact info and leave a brief comment.      God bless.
Bob Ashinhurst Ministries
Imagine you have been convicted of a crime with a very serious penalty.

Now, suppose that as a gift, a friend agreed to take your record in exchange for his flawless record.
Doing so would cause your friend to receive the penalty, and you to have a flawless record and escape
the penalty.  Because of this exchange, the Courts would now see you as completely innocent as if
nothing had ever happened.

No compensation could repay such a gift. But, you DO have to believe that the offer is real and that the
friend isn't cruelly tricking you, and then agree and accept it in order to get the benefit.  Next, you agree to
do your best to keep that new record clean. Lastly, you will agree to tell your story to others that need the
same free gift.