Guitar lessons
Guitar lessons

BEGINNER GUITAR PLAYERS!  In minutes, YOU CAN play or even lead your favorite songs on guitar,
without having to know how to read sheet music!  

On this DVD, I'll teach you this very unique method designed specifically to allow you to play your first
song SUPER FAST, even within a few minutes!

No music theory, notes, scales, no expensive 30 minute per week lessons that go on for years, NO
RECITALS, or all the other stuff that bores most people out of continuing their lessons. This will motivate
you like crazy! Then, we'll simply add to that to do even more.

This is the simplest method you will ever see. I'll show you what I have personally taught many folks who
are now leading in Churches, Conferences, Retreats, and other events around the Country and
internationally. You will see the simplest chording method that you can apply to almost any song, and
thousands of these song chord sheets are available for free download on dozens of internet sites. Then,
you can lead your favorite songs in any situation you will encounter, from the smallest to the largest, and
with any age group.

I have been Music Director on staff at my Church for over 15 years. I have taught MANY people to play,
and most importantly, how to apply what they learn immediately and perform quality accompaniment
guitar very quickly. The video lesson is proved time and again.

For less than half the cost of a SINGLE lesson, you can have these lessons in your own home to use on
YOUR schedule. No useless fluff. It's just me on a self produced recording teaching you as if you were
sitting there in front of me. After some basic tuning, we'll get right to the point with what you need to start
playing your guitar almost immediately.

If you don't agree that this has value as stated, please return it for a full refund within 30 days.

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